Those were the days we used to worship colourful,all attractive Ganesha Idols. It's no more safe worshipping coloured ganesha as the dangerous, Chronic Poison "Lead" is being used in the Glassy Paints. The paints used are highly toxic containing heavy metals like Lead. This metal when enters water sources during the immersion of idols starts destroying the balance of the ecosystems, this metal has a greater impact on human health victimizing the young growing innocet children. The major effect will be on their central nervous system causing intellectual loss. Lead Poisoning can cause chronic disorder in children and adults as well a few other effects of lead poisoning are:

    IQ Loss in Children
    Respiratory Disorders
    Hyperactivity in Children
    Behavioural Problem in Children
    Infertility at Later Age

Why should we victimize our young, innocent children by our Irresponsible deeds? Ganesha means the " MASTER OF INTELLECT & WISDOM" but, by dumping painted idols of this Lord are we losing ours?

Hence please join your hands with us in overcoming this danger!! Let us also go for natural means by using clay-model, un-painted Ganesha idol for Ganesha Chathurthi!!!


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