The institution organizes a series of endowment lectures in memory of great Scientists, Architects, Ecologists, Philosophers, Biotechnologists & Industrialists every year. The topics for the lectures are carefully selected so as to update the student's knowledge as per the current scenario in the field. It also bridges the gap between the present & the future.



Sri. Ananda Teertha

Technical      Foundation Lecture

Sri. Poorna Pragna

Commerative Endowment Lecture

Sri. Homi J. Baba

Commerative Endowment Lecture

Sir. C. V. Raman

Commerative Endowment Lecture

Sri. Vikram Sarabhai

Commerative Endowment Lecture

Sri. J. C. Bose

Commerative Endowment Lecture

Sri. J. N. Tata

Commerative Endowment Lecture

Sri. J. R. D. Tata

Commerative Endowment Lecture

Swami Vivekananda

Commerative Endowment Lecture

Sir. M. Vishweshwaraiah

Commerative Endowment Lecture

Sri. S. C. Bhatnagar

Commerative Endowment Lecture

Sri. M. Gangadharaiah

Commerative Endowment Lecture

Sri. V. K. Ramu

Commerative Endowment Lecture


The endowment Lectures are delivered by International & National Level subject Experts.
Great personalities like:


Padmashree Prof. Padmanabhan - Prof. of Bio-Chemistry and Former Director, I.I. Sc.,

Padmashree Prof. Roddam Narasimha - Former Director National Aeronautical Laboratory,

Prof. V. RajaRaman : Former Chairman S.C.E.R.C., I.I.Sc.,

Prof D. K. Subramanian : Dept. of Computer Science and Automation I.I.Sc., Bangalore

Prof. N. Balakrishnan : Chairman SCERC, I.I.Sc., Bangalore,

Prof. B. S. Sonde : Dean Engg. Faculty, Dept. of Electrical Communication Engg, I.I.Sc., Vice Chancellor of Goa University, 

Prof. M. V. Narasimhan : Former Chairman (Retd.)  Dept. Mechanical Engg. I.I.Sc., Bangalore,

Prof. Lalit M. Patnaik : SCERC, I.I.Sc., Bangalore.

Prof. Sheshan : Chairman, Dept. of Mechanical Engg.

Prof. Raghavendra Gadagkar : Chairman, Centre for Ecological Sciences, I.I.Sc., Bangalore,

Dr. M. P. Chowdaiah : Prof. Emeritus National Design & Research Forum,

Prof. D. H. Sastri : Chairman, G.A.T.E. Examination I.I.Sc, Bangalore,

Dr. H. S. Jamadagni :  Associate Prof. Centre for Electronic Design & Technology, I. I.Sc., Bangalore.

Prof. Rajaram Nityanada :
Raman Research Institute, Bangalore,

Prof. S. V. Subramanyam : Chairman Dept. of Physics & Mathematics, I.I.Sc., Bangalore, have been delivering
Endowment Lecturers since 1987.

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