"It is a wonderful experience to be here, mix with the faculty and the students in an environment which, as far as I know is Unique. I have no doubt the student coming out of this Institution can exhibit in their great qualities of Learning, Dedication and Excellence."

Padmavibhushana Prof. U.R.Rao,
Vikram Sarabhai Distinguished Professor
Member - Space Commission


"I was delighted to see such a well run, disciplined polytechnic. The students, the teachers and the general atmosphere was just Excellent. All good luck to you for Good Future."

Padmavibhushana, Dr.Raja Ramanna M.P
National Institute of Advanced Studies,
C/o, Indian Institute of Science,


"The Traditions maintained by the M.N.Technical Institute are deeply moving. Such Institutions give hope for a bright future for the students and the country."

Padmashri Prof.G.Padmanaban
Indian Institute of Science


"Was very happy to be able to visit the Institute, which shows all signs of developing into an Excellent Academic Institution, with an earnest and stimulating environment in which our young people can blossom. I wish the Student, Faculty and Management a Bright and Glorious future."

Padmabhushana Prof.Roddam Narasimha
National Aeronautical Laboratories


"I Congratulate the Institution for an Excellent Organization of laboratories and Classes. It was indeed a Pleasure to talk to the Students and Faculty. I wish the Institution all the best in their Future development"

Padmabhushana Prof.V.Rajaraman
Super Computer Education and Research Centre,
Indian Institute of Science,


"Much impressed by the fine work done in the setting up of a good Institution. Well done; keep it up."

Chairman, Electrical Science Division
Indian Institute of Science,


The Atmosphere in the Institute is inspiring. The Institution has the potential to grow well."

Prof.D.K. Subramanian
Indian Institute of Science,


"It is always a pleasure to come to M.N. Polytechnic. It is an experience to Cherish for me, to talk to the students and faculty. This has become my Second home and I am proud to be a part of this family."

Scientist of the Millennium
Chairman, Super Computer Education and Research centre,
Indian Institute of Science,


"I am very much impressed with the development of M.N. Technical Institute, very Enthusiastic and Committed Management. Very Good Infrastructural Facilities, Classrooms, laboratories, library etc.. Dedicated Faculty and Staff, very well Disciplined students. Academic standards are very good. Results are Excellent. I am highly pleased about the Clean Campus and Green campus. They deserve all encouragement. I wish the Family of M.N. T.I all the Best in their endeavour."

Dr.K.Balaveera Reddy
Directorate of Technical Education,
Government of Karnataka


"I wish the Institution Bright future and hope it will be one of the best Polytechnic in the State."

Prof.B.N.Krishnamurthy Director,
Directorate of Technical Education,
Government of Karnataka.


I am very much pleased by the good progress made by the Institute. I was impressed by the Discipline and organization capacity of the students. I wish them all Success."

Directorate of Technical Education,
Government of Karnataka.


"Excellent work. I wish all the best in the steady and sustained growth of the Institution."

Prof M. V. Narasimhan
Indian Institute of Science,


"The Academic and general atmosphere in the Institute is excellent and is conducive to good academic work. The students are interested in serious academic pursuits. Overall it seems to be a very well-managed Institute. I wish the students & management Good Luck !"

Dept. of Computer Science & Automation
Indian Institute of Science,


"It is great Achievement of this Institute to conduct on its own 2 day National Conference on ''Engineering Education in India for Global Competitiveness" in the campus".

UGC Professor & Hon.Director
Centre for Agile Manufacturing


"It was a pleasure to see the motivation of the management and teachers and the bright faces of the students. I wish this Institute a very bright future and much success in the task they have chosen for themselves."

Prof.Raghavendra Gadagkar
Scientist of the Millennium
Centre for Ecological Sciences
Indian Institute of Science,




It is a pleasure to visit an Institute, which is dedicated to Quality Education & Excellence. The Institute is also maintaining high awareness towards "'Values" in the thinking of budding engineers. I hope their contribution toward National Progress will be most valuable. I wish all Success.

Prof.R. S. Nirjar
All India Council for Technical Education
New Delhi.


"I am indeed impressed by the allround performance. Keep it up."

Prof.N.R. Shetty
Former Vice Chancellor .Bangalore University
Member Secretary, Indira Gandhi National Institute of Arts,
New Delhi.


Implemented by the dedicated group of individuals running the institution. All the best wishes for future activities and program

H.P Khincha
Vice  Chancellor,
Vishveshwarayya Technological University,


The institute has a good atmosphere Conductive for academic I activities. I wish the institute a great success in similar cultivation of brilliant minds.

V. Gopalkrishna
Jataayu Software Pvt  Ltd


It makes  Auro power proud to be part of training program to the students at this institute and look forward to  fruitful long lasting relationship

K. Subbaraj
Auro Power System Pvt Ltd


I was first of all struck by the atmosphere of the campus of your institutes and am Particularly pleased with your initiatives For giving extracurricular educational experience to the students through the Auro power service center and the D-link Networking lab. Please keep up such Initiatives.
All my best wishes

Vinay Deshpanday
Chairman and CEO
Encores Software Ltd


A sense of tranquility prevails good Faculty member facilities provided.

Miss Nafees Fazal
Minister S&T
31 Veviahi Road, Richards Town,


It has good infrastructure and dedicate Personal; my best wishes

Vice Chancellor,
Bangalore University


This is institute has a very good atmosphere and ambition for academic activity

Electrical Engg,
IISC, Bangalore



Principal WPT, Bondel,


Realistic approach

Smart Byte Technologies


Good program for gathering technical institutions for industry

BTL Polytechnic.
No: 259-B, Bommasandra Industrial Area,
Hosur Road, Bangalore


Good program for gathering and educating faculty members about the latest trends in tech. at industrial levels, need to update curriculum in pace with industry, Always ready to join hands with long lasting service, support and training.

Mr. M.S. Jayachandra Ardhya - Chief executive
Mr. Shivakumar Abbigere - ECS
Mr.Parag Kulkarani - BDO
Mr.Swaroop Jagannath - ECS

Silicon Micro Systems
106,annexure Bldg, Kodandarama Complex,
Gandhi Bazaar Main Road,
Basavanagudi, Bangalore-560004


Electronics lob is very well. Library is very good. One can learn a lot in this environment

Sundara Raj
Assistant Director,
DTE’s office, Bangalore


Opportunity is interaction

Dy.DTE DET’s Office,


Very useful workshop

Prof.B.N.Krishna Murthy


Very timely from the point of view of ARD

Center for Artificial Intelligence and Robtics


Very good attempt. To conduct this everything is important

National Instruments Austin,
TEXAS-Bangalore Unit


Polytechnic institutes needs train the faculty with industries training for at least 6 months every 3 years

Lucent Technologies


Required to meet to update syllabus

M/S ECIL Bangalore


CLIK would be glad to work further with the institute on curriculum design, project placement and campus placement.

Consortium of Industries of Electronic Industries of Karnataka [CLIK]


Industry-institutions meet was organized.

Electro Systems Associates. Pvt. Ltd


The physical and intellectual infrastructure created by the institute match to convert it into a research institute for technician education

USD to Union Minister of State for Textiles.
Govt of India. Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi


An excellent institution. The learning environment is inductive for effective learning. The campus is clean, green and the dedication of management and short deserve appreciation of a high order

TTTI Chennai-600113


Great pleasure to have been with this institution. Learnt a lot from the organizer and students. I feel organization like BEL can do a lot in developing report between polytechnic and industries. My complements to the institution.

Director(R&0), BEL


M.N.Technical Institute is an institution of always focusing towards a positive growth. The staff and students are fully with charge and take up organizing various programs with good interest. I wish all the best of luck to secretary,
principal, staff and students of this polytechnic.

General Manager,
Govt Tool Room and Training Center.
KRS Road Mysore


I am very much impressed by the compact, systematic and Forward- looking institution. They deserve special congratulations for organizing the seminar on polytechnic education, issues and strategies. I wish grand success in
every venture.

Executive secretary, I.S.T.E,
I.S.T.E New Delhi


1 am very happy to participate in your natural seminar on technician education. I comment and complement Sri
NANDAGL'DI.V.RAJIV for building up this institution towards the center of excellence. I wish all success in your Endeavors.

Chairman, AICTE, New Delhi


M.N. Polytechnic has gained recognition as one of the best Polytechnics, if not the best in Bangalore. The dedication of the management is very impressive. More efforts can I think be made to encourage students to take up self- employment.

Secretary (Higher Education) Govt of Karnataka


It is a great achievement of this institute to conduct an its own today conference on Engineering Education In India for Global Competitiveness in the campus.

Hon'ble Director
Center For Agile Manufacturing And Research Department
OfMech Engineering
K.R.Circle, Bangalore-560001


Remarkable ambience of aesthetics and Indian cultural medium in your Campus. Happy to be here and wish all success in Educational endeavors.

Mechanical Engineering
Department, Indian Institute of Science


Very nice and unusual experience to see how many ladies leaching in a Technical institute under the guidance of a lady Principal. Excellently maintained premises discipliiifd students.

Maini Sada, 7th
Cross 38, Lavelle
Road, Bangalore-


I am happy to be here to see the disciplined students and excellent environment Institute. 1 have Enjoyed the opportunity given to me.

512, ^lh Cross, 5th


I enjoyed talking to the students and staff. The response was very good and I particularly appreciate the discipline of the students.

B-57 Hill View
Apartments, New


It is pleasure to visit an institute, which is dedicated to quality education and excellence. The institute also maintaining hieh awareness towards creating "Values" in the thinking of building Engineers. I hope their contribution towards National progress will be most valuable. I wish all success.

A.I.C.T.E New Delhi


1 am highly impressed by the all round performance keep it up.

Master Secretary
IndiraGandhi Nagar
New Delhi


I am a regular visitor to the institute. Every year I ll'id that my visit is exciting because it is academic environment discipline among the students and ***** of teaching. I wish the institute the very best.

Professor, IISC,


It was a privilege visiting this institute. I was happy that the students are taught at an advanced level subjects in modern technology without ignoring Indian culture. Discipline and devotion stand out here.

Professor of English(Retired)


Very much pleased with the development that have taken place in the campus since my last visit in 1996. I wish the institute all success.

Principal M I T


It is very good institution, processing on the right track. I was very much

Department Pr AIT,