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M.N.T.I - Principal Message

At M.N.Technical Institute, we recongize that "Overall Development" of an individual is the requirement of the hour.Students are encouraged to channelize their potential in a holistic and students centered environment.our children represent our hopes and dream at M.N. Technnical Institute, we hope to create an environment where children have ample opportunities to grow. Establised in 1987, we have journeyed through all these years gaining the trust and appreciation of students and parents alike.As we march towards the epochmaking Silver Jubilee of our existence,we pledge to work for every student in fraternity and in the progress, open new vistas in the field of tecnical education.I am cofident that M.N. Technical Institute with its dedicated faculty and supportive,committed,forward-looking management will always be a becon of light,guiding the destiny of the young intelligement citizens,while radiating kindness and compassion as it sors high in its pursit of academic excellence.Iextend my best wishes to all members of the M.N.T.I Family.
Visions-Past & Future
M.N. Technical Institute,since its inception by 1986-87, has been rendring technical education par excellence to the student on a sustainable basis.On the eve of Silver Jubilee celebrations, it is time to reminisce about the path traversed by the institution while carving a niche for itself over the years besides appreciating as to how it has also been peerless in all respects.

A humble begning,with a mighty vision - "To impact quality and complete education to our students and in leaving no stone unturned in providing the same",has helped us attain demonstrably high standards in the field.